GIANTSTEP STUDIOS is a creative technology company that partners with brands, agencies, and entertainment clients around the globe. Pushing the boundaries of digital media, we leverage design, visual effects, animation, programming, virtual production, and more to reimagine consumer experiences between the virtual and physical worlds.

About 500 employees golbally

500 tech experts and artists from all over the world work as one team under the name of GIANTSTEP group.

6 entities for each expertise

GIANTSTEP’s headquarters. along with 5 supportive and independent groups, cover their specialized areas to achieve maximum synergy as one team.

13 facilites through 1 network

1 motion capture studio, 2 virtual studios, 5 main sites, 4 satellite entity sites, 1 international office were built and setup for each purpose and all tied up with 1 infrastructure via high speed internet.


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