In the future, the content market will be able to interact within the services rather than one-way communication, and all sorts of experiences will be made on various devices regardless of time and place. In response, GIANTSTEP is taking a step further to continue research and development so that it can experience not only the actual experience but also the digital experience that leads to the purchase of products.


GIANTSTEP’s real-time content team presents Automotive II with the touch of enhanced vehicle visual work. Faster and more versatile, regardless of the render time, various shapes of the vehicle have been implemented with ray tracing for a more realistic vehicle appearance.


Using the Unreal Engine, we are accelerating our research and development to build vehicles that are closer to the actual appearance and to be used in a variety of vehicle-related projects.


Full 3D / SHOWROOM / HDRI / Driving Scene – It consists of four different environments, and aims at quality that can be used for evaluations as a realistic representation of unveiling images and automotive car paint that can check volume via lighting reflection.


GIANTSTEP will stand as a market leader in vehicle content through continuous Project Automotive.